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Pioneer Corporation is a world leader in optical disc technology and a pre-eminent manufacturer of high performance audio, video and computer equipment for consumer, commercial and industrial markets. Since Pioneer was established in 1938 we have always aimed to bring high-quality and reliable products to the user's application environment. No matter whether for consumer, commercial or industrial use, Pioneer always meets expectations by bringing industry-leading technologies and mature products to the market.

In 1979, Pioneer introduced the first ever Laser Disc Player in the world. Since then, we have continuously developed the world? first optical disc drive products. The history of the optical disc drive is exactly Pioneer's history and we are confident that we will continue as the market leader and innovator of new technologies..

Please take a look at our Company slogan - With three simple words, this is truly our heart and principle for every Pioneer employee across the world to follow. For all our customers, we bring dynamic sounds in audio products and vibrant colours in video and display products, and with this beautiful sound and vision we hope our products fulfil people's lives giving them the ultimate experience.