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BD RW & Combo
MAIN items as need update the FW of DVD-writer to improve as below :
DVD-R/RW burning performance improve
DVD+R/RW burning performance improve
DVD playback performance improve
DVD-RAM reading performance improve
Improve support Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation(Verbatim) 8X DVD-R(MCC 02RG20
Improve support "Ritek" 8X DVD-R(RITEKG05)
Improve support "Ritek" 8X DVD+R(RITEKG05)
Improve support"PIODATA"8X DVD+R(PRODISC R03)
Improve support "Daxon" 8X DVD+R(DAXON AZ2)
CD-R/RW burning performance improve
Please take out the disc from your DVD-writer , and close all PC program , and unzip FW file save on PC desktop. then run it.
If you want to unzip the FW file to other folder/document.
Press intall button , UPGDVD.exe will start autorun.
The program will seach correct DVD writer first , then press YES start to refresh.
When you run the FW refresh program , please DO NOT turn off the PC and restart PC ,
please waiting the FW update program finished.