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Pioneer Slim External DVD Writer The lightest, most stylish and user-friendly device of all time!

Measuring just 133 x 14.8 x 133mm and weighing only 240g, the DVR-XD10T is an elegant, compact and lightweight external DVD writer that’s ideal for home use as well as on the move.

Featuring an attractive clamshell top-loaing design, the DVR-XD10T also provides a forced-eject switch, making it easy for users to remove discs from the device even under a no-power condition. The DVR-XD10T connects easily via USB 2.0 plug and play to provide a top-end write speed of 8X (to DVD-R/+R). It also supports Dual-Layer media for recording up to 8.5GB of removable storage, and with bundled software from Nero and original Pioneer technologies to enhance read/write performance, the DVR-X10T is a compact DVD writer with big capabilities!

Simple to use, stylish and portable, the DVR-XD10T is ideal for use with notebooks and netbooks, but is equally useful in the home or small office environment. The bundled Nero software makes it easy for users to archive data to DVD or CDs, burn audio files, make digital slideshows and create professional looking personal videos. It also ensures that backing-up and archiving files is as straightforward as possible.

Key read/write specs include 8X for DVD-R/+R and DVD+RW media, up to 6X on DVD-RW and DVD-R/+R DL media, up to 5X on DVD-RAM and up to 24X for CD-R/RW.

For the ever-increasing notebook and netbook market, the attractive design and portability of the DVR-XD10T complements and extends the capabilities of users’ machines, enabling them to watch or create videos, make slideshows from their photo collections, burn music and backup data and media files quickly and conveniently. The DVR-XD10T’s built-in technologies deliver high reliability, high performance and high quality reading and writing.

More importantly, all of the components used in the DVR-XD10T are of Japanese design and follow the traditional Japanese standard for high quality and reliable products. Focussing on professional DVD technologies, as well as its stylish and compact design, the DVR-XD10T is undoubtedly the best slim external device for you!

For more information, please contact your local Pioneer distributor.
Key technologies engineered into the DVR-XD10T include:

•One of the world’s smallest and lightest DVD/CD Writers:
Its small size makes this External DVD/CD Writer the perfect accessory for Netbook and Notebook computers. [133 x 14.8 x 133mm, 240g]
•USB Bus Power:
The DVR-XD10T easily connects with most computers through the USB 2.0 port. The drive can be powered via USB (cable included), so no need for an AC adapter.
•Unique Noiseless Technology:
the internal Honeycomb Chassis design reduces noise emissions.
•Auto Quiet Intelligent Operation:
The drive monitors how it is being used and will adjust its disc rotation speed automatically, meaning it will spin slowly/quietly for audio & movie playback, and quickly for data transfers.
the PowerRead™ function enables discs in a bad condition (e.g. light scratches, fingerprints and stains) to be played back 1,2.

1.To use the PowerRead™ function, a drive supporting PowerRead™ and software DVD player supporting PowerRead™ are necessary.
2.PowerRead™ is a trademark of Buffalo™ Technology Inc.