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BDR-XD04T News Release

Pioneer launches the world’s smallest and lightest clamshell-type portable BD/DVD/CD writer for Windows that supports BDXL discs, the “BDR-XD04T”.
This compact drive allows users to read and write all types of BDXL™ discs (BD-R XL Triple Layer (TL) 100GB, Quadruple Layer (QL) 128GB and BD-RE XL Triple Layer (TL) 100GB※2, as well as regular Blu-ray discs (BD-R/RE (SL) 25GB and (DL) 50GB).

[Main features]
1) The world’s smallest and lightest compact-size portable BD/DVD/CD writer
Easy to carry around and store the world’s smallest (W133 × H14.8 × D133mm) and lightest (240g) portable writer.

2) Supports “Auto Quiet Firmware”
Supports “Auto Quiet FW” minimizes operational noise by limiting the disc’s rotation speed when watching BD and DVD movies discs or listening to Audio CDs.

3) Supports “USB Bus Power”
Power input is provided directly from your PC’s USB port. Supports “USB boot”, enabling users to start-up their PC using a recovery CD.※3。

4) Supports “Emergency Eject Function”
An emergency eject lever allows users to remove discs even when the power is off.

※ 1 As a portable BD writer (As of 2011/12/14 surveyed by Pioneer)
※ 2 For supported media makers please refer to the media list on Pioneer’s website.
※ 3 Only when the PC supports booting from a USB device.

[Region Coding]
This model includes Regional Playback Control. Region changes can be made up to five (5) times, including the initial setting. Be aware that the fifth (5th) change will be permanent. The method of changing the region code may vary depending on the decoder or operating system used.

※4 Only supports non-cartridge DVD-RAM Version 2.0/2.1/2.2. Does no support writing to RAM ver.2.2.
※5 For DVD-Video playback, software and decoder are required. DVD software with DVD license is also required.

※6 Please install “WindowsXP Service Pack 1” or higher before connecting this drive.
※7 Suggested environment

* Configuration does not guarantee operation of the device.
* The product is for consumer use only, not for profit organization use.
* Prerecorded movie/music discs are for personal use only. Unauthorized duplication or broadcasting is against applicable copyright laws.
* Microsoft’s Windows logo is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
* Other product names and logos recorded in this news are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.