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BDR-207EBK News Release

Pioneer will launch internal BD/DVD/CD Writer for Windows “BDR-207EBK”, the first PC drive that support 12x writing speed on Blu-ray disc and 6x writing speed on BDXL™ disc. (Serial ATA interface)
This drive allows to read/write all of the BDXL™ discs (BD-R XL:Triple layer media 100GB、BD-R XL:Quadruple layer media 128GB、BD-RE XL:Triple layer media 100GB)※2 as well as regular Blu-ray discs (Single layer media 25GB, Dual layer media 50GB).
Other Pioneer drive features such as good quality writing, anti-dust mechanism, and quietness are all supported.
We will continue expanding PC drives that support BDXL™ which allows for huge data capacity.

[Main features] 
1) The world first※2 for PC drive supporting BDXL™※1 that allows 12x※3 writing on Blu-ray disc and 6x※4 writing on BDXL™ disc.
* 6X writing on BD and 4X writing on BDXL disc were the fastest for the existing models.

2) Bundle the application software that support BDXL™
The application software that support reading and writing of BDXL™ standard.

3) Other features
1. Unique technology for good quality writing
“Limit equalizer” – Make the noise clear that is generated at the optical mechanism part when reading data from BD.
“Disc Vibration Stabilizer”- Realized precise writing in a high speed environment.
2. The sound barrier design that traps noise inside also works as a barrier to keep dust outside
3. Utilize the air flow caused by disc rotation to release heat.
4. Support “PowerRead™” ※7 function that allows to playback BD/DVD with scratches, fingerprints and other abnormalities on the surface of a disc or low quality writing BD/DVD discs. (Only Cyberlink software that support PowerRead!)
5. Comply with RoHS directive.

※1 The standard regarding large capacity Blu-ray Disc defined by Blu-ray Disc Association.
※2 As of 2011/12/13 surveyed by Pioneer.
※3 12x writing only on BD-R and R-DL.
※4 6x writing only on BD-R TL and R-QL.

[Region code]
This model includes Regional Playback control. Region changes can be made up to five times, including the initial setting. Be aware that the fifth changes will be permanent. The method of changing the region code may vary depending on the DVD playback software or operation system used.

※5 Support writing on DVD-R Version 2.0 For General. Does not support writing on DVD-R For Authoring 3.95GB, 4.7GB.
※6 Only support non-cartridge DVD-RAM Version 2.0/2.1/2.2 Does not support writing to RAM ver.2.2.
※7 An 80mm disc cannot be used when the drive is vertical mounted. The drive does not support disc adapter to be attached on 80mm disc.

※8 Suggested environment

* Configuration does not guarantee operation of the device.
* The product is for consumer use only, not for profit organization use.
* Prerecorded movie/music discs are for personal use only. Unauthorized duplication or broadcasting is against applicable copyright laws.
* Microsoft’s Windows logo is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
* Other product names and logos recorded in this news are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.