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Notice- Explanation of the fake modes

High quality products are always been copied by lower grade productions; so are Pioneer Optical Drives.
Unfortunately, there are several examples of fake items available in different markets that have got a very poor quality while being cheaper! Hence, Pioneer created the AUTHENTICITY IDENTIFIER, using the newest technologies to let the identification of original products much easier than before. This currently is applicable on all internal Pioneer DVD RWs as shown below:

As visible in the picture, the label is without any marks.
Once you place the identifier on the mentioned label, a highlighted logo of Pioneer will be visible.

Rather than the mentioned above, there are different ways of recognizing fake Pioneer Optical drives. Here, we would like to show you some examples of the fake items so that it would be easier for you to choose the right products!

Packages can be used as first identifiers. Pioneer uses a high quality packaging to keep the product safe in shipments at first and to satisfy end users with the appearance of products.
Here you can see packaging faults in different models:

Although there are a lot of similarities between a fake model (Left image) and an original model (Right Image), you can recognize the original Pioneer from the labels. None of the fake models have the identifier label. From the example below, you can see that there is no model name mentioned in the label, and the size is not the same as our original DVD RW.

3)Finally, by knowing the original product, you can easily recognize the fake models.
Pioneer is using all grade A components to provide you with the best quality. There are clear differences between quality of fake and original Pioneer. Here are some examples: