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Solid State Drive
Solid State Drive  
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Pioneer APS-SL2 User manual

SSD(Solid State Disk) is the most popular device in the storage device market. Compare to traditional HDD, SSD has more advantages:

1.Higher Performance
2.Better anti-shock and anti-vibration, also can be worked in tough environment.
3.AUnlike HDD assembled by several moving parts, SSD endurance is the same with the NAND flash life
4.Energy saving and Working silently

This year Pioneer announced the latest mainstream TLC SSD: APS-SL2 series, and will provide you the best user experience.

Sequential Read up to 500 MB/s
Sequential Write up to 410 MB/s
Random 4KB Read up to 25600 IOPS
Random 4KB Write up to 42240 IOPS

Model APS-SL2-120GB  APS-SL2-240GB
Capacity 120GB  240GB
*Read Speed (MAX) 460  500
  20480  25,600
*Write Speed (MAX) 295  400
  40960  42240
Interface  SATA 6Gb/s
Operating tempature  0°C ~ 70°C
Shock  1500G,  0.5 msec half-sine
MTBF  1,500,000 POH
Dimension 100 * 70 * 7 mm