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The new technology employs a shorter wavelength blue laser that is focused to a much smaller spot size than DVDs red laser, thereby increasing data storage capacity.
Blu-ray Disc delivers the capacity for the best possible high definition audio and video quality. HDTV provides six times more picture information than standard definition TV so you don't miss a single detail. In order to do that, HDTV requires more bits per second and more gigabytes per disc. So if you want great HDTV, you will also want a Blu-ray Disc player or recorder to watch movies in HD and to record HDTV programming.
The new Blu-ray discs can store 25GB data on single layer discs and 50GB data on dual layer discs. Thats the equivalent of 23 hours of standard definition TV content or 6 hours of HD programming.
Blu-ray Disc is the latest and greatest optical disc technology. It might physically look and feel just like a CD or DVD, but Blu-ray Disc can do so much more! Pioneer is one of the companies that helped create this new disc format that will deliver HD content to your home.