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BD RW & Combo
External DVD RW
DVD R is a recordable DVD format provided by DVD Forum; usually, there are two types:
Type one is "Authoring", it is used for professional video and audio editting.
Type two is "General", the functions are used more extensivelly. It is also the burning format that we use most commonly.
DVD RW is also a re-writeable DVD format established by DVD Forum. It uses chemical principle, crystalization and non-crystalization, to re-build disk recorder layer's structure. The re-writeable life can use 1000 times and above. DVD RW disk can store large capacity of data, temporary data storage, and also the recroding of everyday TV program...etc. functions.
DVD RAM also uses the same chemical principle; the rewriteable life is about 100,000 times. DVD RAM is most suitable to be used as the format for computer data storage. This is because it uses the hard disk to manage defective functions, and also used zoned CLV to speed up the recording time.
DVD +R and DVD + RW are the recordable fomat/'s provided by DVD Alliance.