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BD RW & Combo
External DVD RW
Use related application program, burn in the data you wish to add.Burning software will sort the data and burn into appointed disk format.This method will allow the computer to read the data that was burned.
Usually, this kind of software can wirte the image data in the computer, or catch external digital version data and sort into standard DVD (or VCD) format. Some software with better functions can even create menu, file transfer...etc. special functions.
To simplify, this kind of software can backup the disk from the hard disk, operation system or the whole hard disk data. In the future, you can use the blank disk which you burnt before to recover all the data when your hard disk is damaged.
The software can format the blank disk to become a very large storage media. Than, you can use the same function to add, modify and delete files, and does not need to do multi-session like the usual burning software requires.