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Warranty Procedure

Any Pioneer Blu-ray / DVD writer products that are within their standard warranty period and have developed a fault or have a suspected fault will need to be returned  to the "place of purchase" where they will be exchanged.

We firstly encourage you to send us an e-mail describing the problem to see if our Support Centre can assist in resolving the issue immediately.

Please follow the information on this page in the case you suspect that your product has developed a fault and needs to be replaced:

· As with all warranty claims, please contact the "place of purchase" firstly.
You will need to show your original sales receipt or invoice as "proof of purchase".

· If your Blu-ray / DVD writer had originated from one of our distributors then you should contact them directly.

If you have any query with regards to the way your warranty claim is being handled, then please send us an e-mail: